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In the emergency industry, it is vital that we get your products out to you quickly, so are always stocking the most valued, important emergency products. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and quality has allowed us to team up with some very notable customers.


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Feeling comfortable and safe in your home is extremely important to us here at Medics World Supplies.
That’s why our Home Modifications department will provide an in-home assessment
and make required adjustments to your living environment to suit your needs.

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Purchasing hard to find home products can be daunting if you don’t know where to look. We will help guide you in the process of finding the right products you need. We’ve made it our job to get hard to find products online. If we don’t have the product, we’ll find it for you. Our customer service department trains regularly to handle your product questions. If we don’t have the product you need, we will find it for you because we are committed to helping you Add Vitality to Your Life.

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We have everything you need to ensure the safety of your home or business. We carry the most popular brands of AEDs, and we have thousands of first aid, CPR,wheelchairs Accessories and emergency products to choose from, including specialty items. Medics World Supplies was founded by emergency safety service personnel who depend on the finest equipment and products available, so you can feel safe knowing that we only offer exceptional products at the most competitive online prices. We want you to get your items fast, so we’re sure to always have the most valued, best-selling items in stock.

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Medics world supplies is staffed with qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professionals including:

  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Service Technicians
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Complex Rehab Specialists/ATP
  • Insurance Specialists

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We know you have a passion for serving your patients and providing them with the very best of care. But it can be difficult doing “business as usual” because of lower reimbursements.

Some home medical equipment (HME) providers are turning to new business models to continue serving their patients while also growing their business

Why Medics World Supplies?

Running a home medical equipment (HME) business can be challenging in an ever-changing industry. We’re here to help you manage those challenges and make sure your patients are getting the right products at the right time. At Medics World Supplies, our focus is always on our customers’ success.

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Hypodemic needles

Vented Nedle 18G X 1 Inch


Hypodemic needles

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I have been looking for decent home medical equipment for quite sometime. I am more than glad i found medics world supplies. They cover just about everything. What they don’t have they help you find one with decent quality and at a very affordable price.

Alan Carragher

United kingdom

My granddad’s wheelchair is now the best in the world thanks to medics world supplies. I am so glad and satisfied with the deliveries and timely responds to all our mails. Its been a wonderful experience.

Jessica Golden


I am sure they would be hardly anyone who would buy here and not think to leave a recommending message for the amazing services and equipment you have. My home is now a comfortable and reliable place to be. we have all our medical care just at arms lenght. Thanks again Medics world Supplies you really supply the world with home medical equipment at affordable prices. 

Carl Schenger